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Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine  2021, Vol. 22 Issue (3): 597-611     DOI: 10.31083/j.rcm2203071
Special Issue: Contemporary Management of Special Subsets of Acute Coronary Syndromes Patients
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Long-term management of Takotsubo syndrome: a not-so-benign condition
Matteo Sclafani1, *(), Luca Arcari1, 2, Domitilla Russo1, Giacomo Tini1, Luca Rosario Limite1, Luca Cacciotti2, Massimo Volpe1, Camillo Autore1, *(), Maria Beatrice Musumeci1
1Cardiology, Clinical and Molecular Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome, 00189 Rome, Italy
2Institute of Cardiology, Madre Giuseppina Vannini Hospital, 00100 Rome, Italy
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Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) is an intriguing clinical entity, characterized by usually transient and reversible abnormalities of the left ventricular systolic function, mimicking the myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries. TTS was initially regarded as a benign condition, however recent studies have unveiled adverse outcomes in the short- and long-term, with rates of morbidity and mortality comparable to those experienced after an acute myocardial infarction. Given the usual transient nature of TTS, this is an unexpected finding. Moreover, long-term mortality seems to be mainly driven by non-cardiovascular causes. The uncertain long-term prognosis of TTS warrants a comprehensive outpatient follow-up after the acute event, although there are currently no robust data indicating its modality and timing. The aim of the present review is to summarize recent available evidence regarding long-term prognosis in TTS. Moreover methods, timing and findings of the long-term management of TTS will be discussed.
Key words:  Takotsubo syndrome      Outcome      Long-term management     
Submitted:  30 June 2021      Revised:  27 August 2021      Accepted:  30 August 2021      Published:  24 September 2021     
*Corresponding Author(s): (Matteo Sclafani); (Camillo Autore)   

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Matteo Sclafani, Luca Arcari, Domitilla Russo, Giacomo Tini, Luca Rosario Limite, Luca Cacciotti, Massimo Volpe, Camillo Autore, Maria Beatrice Musumeci. Long-term management of Takotsubo syndrome: a not-so-benign condition. Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, 2021, 22(3): 597-611.

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